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Using This Guide

Authors: Nathan Wang, Benjamin Qi

How to effectively use this guide to maximize your productivity.

Pre-Release Notice: This guide is in the pre-release stage, meaning it is not yet complete!

Contact Us

Please help us complete this guide by giving feedback using the "Contact Us" button or clicking the Feedback icon on the right of the screen. You can give feedback about anything!

If you found the guide useful, or if you got stuck while using the guide, please also let us know! :)

About This Guide

Warning: This guide is NOT a syllabus!!

Topics on this guide reflect past problems, not future problems. Contest problems may contain topics that aren't mentioned in this guide, and topics that appear in one division of this guide may appear in lower divisions in future contests.

  • For Bronze, Silver, and Gold contestants, we aim to be a "one stop shop," meaning that this is the only site you have to use to be exposed to most (if not all) of the topics required for Bronze to Gold.
  • For Platinum contestants, we'll try our best to cover the main topics.
  • The "Advanced" section contains material that is relevant for USACO Camp and beyond.

Note: We are currently focusing on the General - Gold sections. Modules that are part of Platinum and Advanced will remain mostly incomplete for the time being.

How to Use This Guide

  • Use the Module Progress dropdowns (to the right of the module title and at the bottom of the page) to track your progress through this guide! Changes will be reflected by the navigation bar on the left.
  • If you're stuck, get help using the Contact Us or Feedback buttons mentioned above.
  • Read through all starred resources before continuing!
  • We highly recommend doing all starred problems. If you need more practice, try some of the unstarred ones.
    • Difficulty represents how challenging a problem is expected to be to someone after they read through the module, and is not comparable across modules.
    • It's okay to skip "Very Hard" or "Insane" problems in Bronze - Gold and return to them later.
  • See Introducing Modules for more information.


A lot of the resource and problem lists have issues (inaccurate difficulty levels, not enough or too many starred, etc). Again, contact us as necessary.

Skipping around is especially recommended for higher level contestants (Gold/Platinum). Feel free to mark a module as "Skipped" and come back to it at a later time!

For lower level contestants, the guide is generally designed to be completed in order. However, feel free to skip certain modules and come back to it later.

Changing Your Language

To change your language, click the "Settings" button on the bottom left corner of the screen (or in the hamburger menu, depending on the size of the window). Content may be different depending on which language is selected!


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Currently very limited support for Java beyond Gold.


Your current language is Python.


Currently very limited support for Python.

This section is not complete.

Feel free to file a request to complete this using the "Contact Us" button.

These will appear frequently.

This section is not complete.

Feel free to file a request to complete this using the "Contact Us" button.

If you are annoyed by these then help us fix them!!

For Instructors

If you're an instructor/club officer teaching for free, please feel free to use whatever parts you'd like from this guide, though please provide credit + a link to this site! Additionally, feel free to reach out to us if you have a specific request for what material you'd find helpful.

Licensing notes: No part of this site may be used, reproduced, redistributed, commercialized, or sold without prior written permission. Learn more here.

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