Author: Benjamin Qi

Good contests to participate in as well as a few tools.

Frequent Contests

These websites hold contests that I frequently participate in.

CLISTextensive list of contests
kenkooookeep track of which AtCoder problems you've done
  • AtCoder
    • Probably the highest quality
    • Beginner / Regular Contests: 4 or 6 problems, ~100 min
    • Grand Contests: 6 problems, 110 - 150 min
      • Difficulty isn't always reasonable ...
  • Codeforces
    • Div 1-4: 5-6 problems (with some variations), 2 to 2.5 hrs
  • Topcoder
    • Div 2, Div 1
    • 75 min coding, 15 min challenge
    • Solutions only tested after contest!
  • Don Mills OJ
    • at least one contest every month during school year
    • practice implementation!!

Other Websites

misc ICPC contests
Feb - Nov
monthly Long, Lunchtime, Cookoff

These platforms no longer actively hold contests, but might be worth a look.

only "Hack the Interview" contests now
see archive

Onsite Finals (Individual)

Let me know if there's something else I should try to qualify for!

Google25 from R3
TopCoder16; 4 from SRMs, 10 from R4, 2 from wildcard
Facebook25 from R3
AtCoder8 from AGC

Codeforces Tools

estimate rating changes!
recently updated
keep track of friends' progress
problem recommender (haven't used personally)
compare users
parse problem statements, submit, etc from command line
text editor using features from above

Contest Tools

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