Resources: USA-Specific

Authors: Brian Dean, Benjamin Qi

Resources specifically for the United States.

Regional Programming Contests Within the USA


University of Central Floridateams of 3, 4 hours
Cornellteams of 3, 3 hours
University of Pensylvaniateams of 4, 4 hours, Java or Python
UT Dallasteams of 3, 3 hours, Java or C++
Lockheed Martinteams of 3, 2.5 hours
Hewlett-Packardteams, 3 hours


Virginia Techteams of 3, 5 hours
University of Central Floridaindividual, 4 hours
Montgomery Blair HSteams of 4, 4 hours
Lexington HSteams of 3, 3 hours


Not competitive programming in the strictest sense.

Carnegie MellonMath contest (with compsci round). Also see CMIMC Programming Contest.

USA Participation in Other International Olympiads

The USACO is one of several national organizations in the USA that select teams of students to participate in their respective International Science Olympiads. The most prominent are the USA Mathematics Olympiad (USAMO), the US Physics Team (USAPhO), the US National Chemistry Olympiad (USNCO), and the USA Biolympiad (USABO).

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