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Offline Deletion

Authors: Benjamin Qi, Siyong Huang

Erasing from non-amortized insert-only data structures.

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Offline Deleting from a Data Structure

Using a persistent data structure or rollbacking, you are able to simulate deleting from a data structure while only using insertion operations.


includes code (but no explanation) for dynamic connectivity

Dynamic Connectivity

Dynamic Connectivity is the most common problem using the deleting trick. The problem is to determine whether pairs of nodes are in the same connected component while edges are being inserted and removed.

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DSU With Rollback

DSU with rollback is a subproblem required to solve the above task.

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explanation? check Guide to CP?

Warning: Watch Out!

Because path compression is amortized, it does not guarauntee O(Nlog2N)\mathcal{O}(N \log^2 N) runtime. You must use merging by rank.



int p[MN], r[MN];
int *t[MN*40], v[MN*40], X;
int setv(int *a, int b)
if(*a != b) t[X] = a, v[X] = *a, *a = b, ++X;
return b;
void rollback(int x) {for(;X>x;) --X, *t[X] = v[X];}
int find(int n) {return p[n] ? find(p[n]) : n;}
bool merge(int a, int b)


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