Additional Practice for USACO Bronze

Author: Nathan Wang

Final tips for Bronze and additional practice problems.

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What Now?

After completing this section on the USACO Guide, you should be comfortable with the topics that have historically appeared in the USACO Bronze division. In order to maximize your chance at promoting, you should aim to practice by doing more problems.

Uncategorized Problems

Below we list some problems that we think are roughly Bronze level but don't really fit in previous modules. The difficulties listed here are relative to the Bronze division (difficulty is subjective and isn't always accurate though). We'll be expanding this list as we get more problem suggestions.

StatusSourceProblem NameDifficultyTags
Show TagsGeometry
Show TagsGreedy
Old BronzeNormal
Show TagsGreedy
Show TagsComplete Search
CFVery Hard
Show TagsSimulation
CSESVery Hard

Final Thoughts

Refer to our FAQ to find more problems to practice. You may also find the How to Practice module worth reading. Best of luck on future contests!

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