Registration for Summer Semester Live Classes Open



Jan 25th, 2024

USACO January 2024 Contest Workshop

Learn how to solve the Bronze/Silver problems by experienced instructors from the USACO Jan 2024 contest, from intuition to code! Find more information and the registration link for the workshop here!

Jan 24th, 2024

USACO Spring 2024 Informatics Tournament Registration Open!

The USACO.Guide Spring 2024 Informatics Tournament will be held on March 2nd, 2024. Registration and details can be found here!

Jan 23th, 2024

USACO Spring 2024 Classes Registration Open!

Registration for the Spring Session of USACO classes are now open! Head over to the CPI website to register!

Jun 4, 2022

Create Your Own USACO Guide Group

We're opening access to USACO Guide Groups to everyone! Groups is a learning management system that allows assigning problems, posting announcements, and tracking progress with a leaderboard. Now, you're able to create your own group and invite your friends -- go to the groups page to get started.

Sept 5, 2021

USACO Guide Groups Public Beta

USACO Guide Groups is a learning management system that allows you to post announcements and assign problems to group members. It also includes a live leaderboard to encourage competition! Access is now available to the public; if you want to create a group, fill out this form.

Mar 5, 2021

USACO February Problems Added

All problems from the USACO 2021 February Contest have been added to the USACO problem table here.

Oct 25, 2020

We're Open Source!

If this project has helped you, consider giving us a star on Github! As a fully open source project, we depend on community members like you to improve our product. Check out the contributing module to learn how you can help make the USACO Guide better.