USACO Monthlies

Author: Benjamin Qi

Keeping track of problems from USACO monthly contests.

Keeping Track of Problems

This section is not complete.

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Problems Not Categorized Within This Guide

These don't fit very well into any of the current modules (or maybe we were just too lazy to categorize them). Let us know if you think these belong somewhere.


open20 1035 socdist1
open20 1036 socdist2
feb19 915 herding
feb19 917 traffic
jan19 893 guess
open18 832 milkorder
open17 737 art
dec16 665 cowsignal
open16 641 reduce


open20 1039 cereal
open19 942 leftout
feb18 812 teleport
jan17 692 cowcode
open16 642 reduce
feb16 618 cbarn


feb20 1018 help
open19 947 balance
feb16 621 cbarn


open20 1044 sprinklers2
open20 1046 circus
feb20 1022 help
jan20 996 cave
feb19 924 cowdate
jan19 900 redistricting
jan19 902 tracking2
feb18 818 gymnasts
jan18 792 lifeguards
open17 745 grass

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